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Rebecca Holland is a long established California painter. Rebecca’s hillside studio on Lobitos Creek Ranch South of Half Moon Bay overlooks the San Mateo coast. Here, she lives in the landscape of her paintings. Rebecca’s landscapes project the magic of light and color from the California coast to the high mountain ranges.  She celebrates the beauty of the redwood forests, mountains, farms, and seascapes that make California an artist’s dream. 

Rebecca has shown in large galleries on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, in Lahaina, on Maui, in Las Vegas and elsewhere, but she now chooses to show in smaller venues where she most often gets to meet the people who choose her art for their homes. She exhibits annually at the Kings Mountain Art Fair in Woodside and with the South Coast Artists Alliance at the Pescadero Art and Fun Festival, and with Branches Mobil Gallery at the Lucidity Music and Art Festival in Santa Barbara; current galleries are the Coastal Arts League in Half Moon Bay and Made in Pescadero in Pescadero, California. 

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